Corporate Design

Module Time: 5 mins

This simple and easy to construct arrangement can be replicated by following our easy and clearly defined steps, complete with sharp and distinct imagery aiding assembly at every stage of the design.

By using three ingredients only, the Amaryllis is presented in its full dramatic glory. The addition of bear grass and Phoenix Roebelenii add both movement and rhythm to the design, whilst allowing the Amaryllis to take centre stage as the focal star.

The elegant glass vase lends itself to a corporate environment and would add grandeur to the entrance of a hotel or Marquee. Embracing eco-friendly principles, it requires only water to hydrate the stems; the large container reservoir making it low maintenance and durable.

Try something new today: make a statement with this design and create it for yourself to enhance any environment.


Amaryllis (7 to 9 stems) 

Beargrass (1 bunch)

Pheonix robellini (1 bunch)


Glass container (of choice) 

Anchor Tape (12mm) 

Sharp Scissors or florist knife