Pink Funeral Cushion

Module Time: 7 mins

A sympathy floral design is the last gift a family gives to their loved one, so carries with it a wealth of emotion and sentiment. It’s imperative, therefore, that the design captures the essence of the deceased, and the specifications of the family.  

Learn how to create this subtle and refined sympathy cushion using our easy to follow, informative and clearly defined steps alongside sharp and distinct imagery. 

 The cushion is symbolic of comfort for your loved one’s resting place, so is the perfect base for this monochromatic effective use of genteel soft and delicate tones of blush pink. The subtle grey tones of Eucalyptus help add texture and act as a perfect complement to the pink palette. 

Create this tribute today and be proud in the knowledge that you have composed this gift on behalf of grieving relatives bringing comfort at their time of sorrow. 


Eucalyptus Cinerea (1 bunch, 5 to 8 stems) 

Lisianthus Alissa Light Pink (5 to 10 stems) 

Rose Sweet Avalanche 

Carnation Doncel 

Astilbe Europa (1o stems)


Floral Foam Cushion 15" (wet)

Poly Ribbon - Silver (or grey) 

Stapler and staples 

Steel pins (or mossing pegs) 

Sharp scissors or florist knife