Wedding Bouquet

Module Time: 8 mins

Our next module is focused on incorporating the cut flower, Amaryllis into wedding work. The teacher will guide you through easy to follow, clearly defined steps along with sharp and distinct imagery on how to make this rich and luxurious bridal hand-tied bouquet.

The romance of this design is achieved using a colour palette of subtle grey tones derived from the Eucalyptus and Rosemary, culminating with a rich sumptuous hue from the deepest burgundy Amaryllis ‘Night Fever’ and Rose ‘Black Baccara’. The addition of Astilbe and Hellebores add texture and movement to this composition offering the most discerning bride an enchanting addition to her armoire. 

With soft feathery Astilbe and the velvet like petals of Amaryllis and Roses this bouquet is going to captivate and enchant, so make today the day you learn something new, and create this composition for yourself. 


Astilbe Paul Gaarder (burgundy, 3 to 5 stems) 

Amaryllis Night Fever (burgundy, 3 stems)

Hellebores Winterbells (green/white, 3 stems) 

Rosemary (fresh, 1 bunch)

Skimmia Japonica Rubella (fresh, 1 bunch) 

Eucalyptus Cinerea (fresh, 1 bunch approx. 5 to 8 stems)

Rose Black Baccara (9 stems)

Cordyline (5 stems)


Sharp scissors or florist knife

Natural Twine

Anchor Tape 12mm 

Decorative ribbon and pins