Moss Table Runner

Module Time: 5 mins

This next module is on How you can transform and create a moss runner down the centre of a table for an event or wedding. Throughout the lessons, Debbie will introduce the ingredients, and demonstrate how to construct the design in a few simple steps.

The design is perfect for an outdoors, rustic or enchanted woodland themed wedding or event. This simple, yet effective arrangement adds drama and interest to a table setting. Not only is it sustainable and eco-friendly, it can be made up on site, it is low maintenance and budget friendly!


Natural English Moss (1 bag)

Carpet Flat Moss or Sheet Moss (1 punnet)

Reindeer English Moss (1 bag)

Decorative and/or potted Echeveria

Salix Willow or Corylus Contorta (5 to 10 stems) 




Wooden Candle Holders (optional) 

LED Candles (optional)