Module 1 – Planted Orchids

Module Time:

This module outlines how to create a simple, elegant and long-lasting gift or home decor idea using phalaenopsis orchids. Follow our easy, informative step by step videos on how to create your own.

Orchids have an exotic and graceful mystique which conveys luxury captured in this elegant composition. It would enhance both a corporate environment and well being center, whilst also adding exquisite beauty to your home. 

The subtle grey tone of rattan provided by the basket showcases the Phalaenopsis Orchid off to its elegant perfection in this perfect gift. It adds serenity and beauty to your indoor environment whilst booting air quality and helping to remove air pollutants.  

Perfect for your discerning client or a luxurious welcome to your guests, enjoy months of beautiful blooms by creating this design today.


Phalaenopsis Plants (3 or 4 plants)


Rattan Basket

Orchid Compost

Gardening Gloves