Neutral Bouquet with Dried Flowers

In this lesson, Debbie will demonstrate how to make a hand tied bouquet using a neutral, caramel inspired palette. The neutral earthy tones are popular all year round, especially in autumn and winter. Incorporating dried flowers such as pampas grass and palm leaves for added interest, texture and keeping on trend.

o begin, the tutor will introduce the type of arrangement, along with the flower varieties that are going to used, both fresh and the equipment to help you expand your knowledge on different varieties available on the markets. You can find all of the materials and quantities for the arrangements in the Materials on the course overview. Follow a step by step demonstration on how to assemble the bouquet (instrumental only), and tips at the end of the video.

The bouquet is very versatile and can be adapted to suit any colour combination or theme for a wedding or event. It can be used as a bouquet for a wedding or as a table centrepiece for an event.


Rose Charmant (9 to 12 stems)

Anigozanthos Bush Sunset (5 to 7 stems) 

Cymbidium Orchid Charly Brown (1 to 2 stems) 

Ranunculus Butterfly Hades (5 to 7 stems)


Pampas Grass (1 bunch)

Palm Suns Naturel Leaves (1 bunch) 


Anchor Tape 12mm


Organza Ribbon 32mm to finish (rose gold)

Sharp pair of scissors or florist knife