Tropical Bouquet

In this lesson, Debbie will demonstrate how to construct a hand tied bouquet using bright tropical blooms. This bouquet is a very popular choice for brides all year round, especially in the Summer. The tropical flowers are perfect for Summer as they thrive in the warm temperatures, however you can adapt the same style of bouquet for other types of flowers in same colour palette depending on preference and budget.

To begin, the tutor will introduce the type of arrangement, along with the flower varieties that are going to used, both fresh and the equipment to help you expand your knowledge on different varieties available on the markets. You can find all of the materials and quantities for the arrangements in the Materials on the course overview. 

Follow a step by step demonstration on how to assemble the bouquet (instrumental only), and tips at the end of the video.


Bromelia Tigra (1 bunch) 

Leucadendron (1 bunch) 

Steel Grass (1 bunch) 

Leucospermum Red or Orange (1 bunch) 


Sharp pair of scissors 

Anchor tape 12mm 


Satin Rope to finish