Flower Guide for Acacia 

Attractive and tactile, acacia is a popular for weddings and events. The brightly coloured yellow blossom and silvery fringed foliage would be a welcome addition to Spring bridal designs.

Branches can be styled in solitary vases, arranged with other seasonal Spring flowers such as Narcissus and tulips or use the foliage to add movement and a grey tone to a bouquet / flower arrangement.

Flower Guide for Acacia

Family: Mimosaceae

Common Name(s): Golden Acacia, Mimosa, Wattle, Thorntree

Botanical Name: Acacia Dealbata (A-KAY-c-a)

Botanical Facts: The name comes from the Greek work akis (sharp point) referring to the thorns. Bunches of mimosa are traditionally distributed on International Women's Day to women in Italy.

Description: Woody stemmed shrub with brightly coloured racemes of flowers that have a soft, 'fuzzy' appearance. Foliage has delicate silvery fern-like leaves.

Origin: Majority of species from Australia

Colour: Bright Yellow

Caring for Acacia Mimosa

For purchasing, it is recommended to buy branches when the blossoms are 'fuzzy' and brightly coloured. Avoid purchasing if the blossoms have brown spots.

For conditioning, it is advised to trim the stems leaving the plastic wrapping on to create it's own micro-climate. Stand in fresh, clean water and condition thoroughly before use. Hydrate in a solution of water and commercial floral preservative before storage or usage. Condition away from direct heat sources, draughts and do not overcrowd the containers.

Vase Life: 5 to 7 days

Stem Type: Woody 

Storage: 2-5 degrees

Seasonal Availability

Availability: December to April (peak February to March)

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