Elements and Principles of Design

This course is an introduction for the universal basic principles and elements of design. You will learn how to apply apply the correct principles to each element within a composition, from a single flower to a large scale arrangement.

About The Course

Flowers have become part of a huge global industry. In the UK alone, the florist industry’s financial worth is £1bn. It plays a huge role in human history, cultural rituals, medicine, perfumery and human connections. Cheaper than jewellery and healthier than chocolate, flowers have the power to speak a thousand words and emotions ‘I love you,’ ‘I miss you,’ ‘I’m thinking of you…’ They play a part in many of life’s milestone events and celebrations, among them weddings and funerals.

This course is an Introduction to Elements and Principles of Design. The course is suitable for all levels; it will be a bible for beginners and a learning aid for flower arrangers and florists. It provides you with everything you need to know to apply to your flower compositions for all different disciplines in floristry.

In-depth step by step instruction videos and guides on all the different elements and principle of design.

Lifetime access to the course, learn at your own pace in the comfort of your own home with experts you can trust

A workbook packed full of relevant information, expert tips and insider tricks to accompany the course

It's time for you to...

  • Learn the universal basic principles and elements of design in floristry
  • Immerse yourself in the creative process, planning and creating flower designs from scratch
  • Build the essential tools required to create flower designs
  • Learn valuable skills to create the designs that you can take away and use for life
  • Gain insight into insider tips and tricks your flower journey from our flower experts


Debbie Buckles

"My life long relationship with all things floral began at a very early age. It all started whilst helping my grandmother in the garden; we shared a passion for flowers, their beauty and the positive energy they bring"

Our tutor, Debbie has been in the industry for over 40 years. From working in the flower markets to running her own business, Debbie provides a unique insight into floristry and floral design.

Together, we will delve into the world of floristry. Debbie will share her passion, knowledge and experience to help you gain the skills and confidence you need to achieve a rewarding and fulfilling career with flowers.

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