Flower Guide for Eryngium

Eryngium is a favoured choice among floral artisans as a versatile filler flower. It adds great visual interest to both fresh or dried arrangements and compliments almost all colour palettes.

Eryngium thistles are particularly popular for Scottish weddings.

Common Name: Eryngium, Eryngo or Sea Holly

Botanical Name: Eryngium (e-RIN-jee-um)

Botanical Facts: The genus name “Eryngium” comes from the name used for a plant in ancient Greece. The name was used by Theophrastus, also called as Father of Botany, probably for a plant Eryngium campestre.

Form: Transitional

Description: Showy and attractive thistle-like flower heads surrounded by spiny silvery-blue bracts on strong stems. 

Types of Eryngium

There are different types of eryngium available on the flower markets. Varieties can vary in colour and head size.

Colours: Blue, Purple and Silver/Grey

Caring for Eryngium

In general, the conditioning process is relatively simple. Remove all the foliage from below the water line, cut at an angle with a sharp knife or scissors and hydrate in luke warm water with flower food for a couple of hours or overnight.

Vase Life: 10 to 14 days

Stem Type: Hollow


Seasonal Availability

Availability: All year round

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