Module Time: 7 mins

In this module, Debbie introduces the different types of moss that are available on the market, along with basic tips on care and uses. You will be surprised just how popular moss has been for home and garden projects, corporate and floristry purposes.

Moss are distinctive small flowerless plants that typically form in dense green mats or clumps, in damp or shady locations. It plays a huge ecological role, absorbing huge quantities of water, create a locally humid environment, are home to creatures – invertebrates and include species like woodlice and slugs. It also filters out particulate matter, absorb CO2 and remove soot, dirt, and other pollutants.

Most recently, the use of moss has become a staple for florists looking to become more environmentally aware and practice in sustainable floristry. Instead of using floral foam, techniques such as ‘moss roulades’ (moss in chicken wire) can be used as a replacement. This particular technique is perfect for outdoor weddings with a short set up window.