Moss Seating Plan

Module Time: 16 mins

In the next module, you will learn how to make a decorative table plan using dried Indian moss as the backing in a frame. The teacher will use fresh flowers and greenery to decorate the floral design using our easy to follow, informative and clearly definitive steps.

The subtle and delicate neutral colour palette is beautifully enhanced by the natural background of moss, making it a perfect welcome to arriving guests. It combines understated soft curving lines that highlight the seating plan information.

With the combination of rustic moss and elegance achieved by using grey tones of echeveria, eucalyptus populus with berries and the addition of euphorbia fulgens, this composition would lend itself to a barn scenario or a grand hotel or stately home.


Spray Roses Cream / Ivory (10 stems)

Eucalyptus Populus with Berry (1 bunch, approx. 5 to 8 stems) 

Euphorbia Fulgens (10 stems) 

Echeveria (planted or decorative)


Picture Frame

Dried Indian Moss (or similar) 

Le Klip Small 

Hot Glue Gun and Melts

Table Plan Cards (with Sticky Fixers)