Monochromatic Eco Wreath

Monochromatic Eco Wreath with Hydrangea

Total time: 7 minutes and 54 seconds

Watch a simple tutorial on how to construct a wreath using a glass container with three ingredients; Hydrangea, Astilbe and Spray Roses.

This lesson covers how to construct a wreath. This design brings in elements of Autumn using different textures, classic hydrangea and rich colour palettes. Embrace the season and take your inspiration from nature and the natural landscape. 

In this lesson, you will learn how to construct the design from start to finish. The tutor, Debbie will demonstrate how to make the design, along with top tips on conditioning, construction, storage and fixings. 

Find the materials required for this style of arrangement below:

1 stemClassic Hydrangea
4 stemsAstilbe Paul Gaarder
2 stemsSpray Rose Red Freiland
1Glass Container (Wreath)
1 pair ofScissors