Jubilee Crown Sympathy Tribute

Interpretative Crown Funeral Tribute

Time: 22 minutes and 52 seconds

Using basic elements and principles of design,  learn how to create this interpretive funeral tribute. The crown is a symbolic headgear worn by the monarch, representing power, glory, immortality, royalty and sovereignty. This striking design could also be displayed as a distinctive and eye catching window display to mark the Queen’s upcoming platinum jubilee. 

Could use steel grass, flexi grass or Cornus to replace pussy willow if out of season

This lesson covers the use of a specific colour scheme to portray an event or occasion I.e. purple/lilac platinum/silver and white, which are the platinum jubilee colours. The pussy willow illustrates proportion in relation to the body of the crown which is the dominant feature of the design, and the area the eye is first drawn to making it the focal point. The addition of roses and brunnia in the base of the design embellish the crown giving it distinction

In this video, you will need to recreate:

1Floral Foam Posy Pad (Plastic Back)
1 pair ofScissors
1 pair ofWire Cutters
1 pack of Green Stub wires
1 Florist Kraft Knife
10 stems of Chrysanthemum Double White
3 stems of Brunia Silver
4 stems of Allium Gladiator
9 stems of Rose
1 stems of Olive Branch
1 stems of Gypsophila
2 stems of Alstroemeria