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Conditioning Order

When you are faced with a huge workload, it can sometimes feel overwhelming and difficult to know where to start. Caring properly for your flowers when they arrive is one of the most important  factors to consider. 

Most flowers need a minimum of 4 hours in water before use. Ideally overnight offers the best hydration time for plant materials. Any plant material that has been out of water for any amount of time will need conditioning. 

Condition in order of need or demand bearing in mind first, the following priorities:

  1. Distressed Flowers   showing signs of wilting
  2. Urgently Required   needed as soon as possible for urgent orders
  3. Long-stemmed flowers   water takes longer to travel up the stem
  4. Delicate flowers
  5. Expensive flowers
  6. Dry-packed flowers with semi woody stems
  7. Dry-packed flowers with woody stems
  8. Flowers in own water phials
  9. Foliage

By conditioning your plant materials properly, they will last longer and bloom effectively. Occasionally blockages can occur in stems making them wilt. If this happens, repeat the conditioning process, or in the case of woody stems, use the hot water treatment. 

Now you're ready to start creating beautiful displays of vibrant, gorgeous blooms!

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