Academy of Flowers

Easter Flower Inspiration

Easter is fast approaching and we have been very busy in the lead up with wholesale orders and on the Academy.

Easter is the most important Christian festival and Easter Sunday or Easter Day is the most important day of the year for Christians.

Many families and friends gather together on Easter Sunday for a feast to celebrate, organise a fun Easter hunt and exchange gifts and chocolate.

Here are some ideas for tablescapes for your portfolio to create for your clients or your own homes this April. Tablescapes can be created in all types of styles and containers, from wooden crates, glassware to cracked ceramics.

Easter Seasonal 2
Easter Arrangement Pastel
Easter Seasonal
Easter Seasonal 3
Easter Seasonal 4
Moss and Eggs Easter

All of the flower arrangements and flowers are created with flowers from Triangle Nursery wholesalers online. Link:

Photography by Big Fish Photography

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