Academy of Flowers

The Feelgood Factor


It has long been acknowledged that flowers can improve and influence our emotional health by triggering happy emotions. Fragrance can help to improve social behavior and speed up  recovery time. What better industry to work in? Nothing beats the sight and scent of nature's bounty!


Gardening is also good for your mental health with the added bonus of producing plant materials for use in your design work, as well as deliciously fresh home grown vegetables - good for your dietary health. A win-win situation!


Consider some of the following florals:

Lisianthus  Encourages creativity
Lavender  Calming & helps with insomnia
Peony  Healing and attraction
Roses  Help with insomnia, depression and anxiety
Jasmine  Induces peacefulness, improving sleep and lowering heart rate
Calendula  Encourages healing
Rosemary  Helps improve focus & concentration 


Why not, combine mood enhancing flowers, herbs and foliage to create bouquets full of summertime happiness and joy for your customers.


Add a card explaining what each plant material symbolises, expressing the extra thought and care that make your designs bespoke, and await the delighted smiles of gratitude from the recipient and praise from your customer.

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