Academy of Flowers

Flower Stem Types to Consider

It is important to identify which type of stem your plant materials have before employing the correct method of conditioning. Not all varieties respond well to the same method! 

Woody Generally an inflexible stem, that doesn't die down over winter Roses, Forsythia, most foliage, Hydrangea
Semi-Woody Stem which contains both soft and woody fibers Carnations, Trachelium,Helianthus
Soft Stems Non-woody - usually an annual or a bulb Hyacinth, Calla Lily, Dendrobium Orchid
Latex Stems Gives off a milky, sometimes sticky sap that “bleeds” from the stem. Can be an irritant Euphorbia, Oxypetalum,Poppy
Hollow Stems A stem with a hollow or soft pulpy centre Amaryllis, Delphinium

Once you have established the type of stem, use the correct conditioning technique for that variety to achieve maximum longevity and e perfect bloom

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