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Getting Prepared for Valentine's Day

As a florist, it crucial to prepare for the peak seasons such as Valentine's Day and Mother's Day. There are many ways in which you can prepare your shop and stock, social media and advertising before the busy period.

Start with the initial questions:

  • What day does Valentine's Day fall on?
  • What is your target audience?
  • What is your USP or niche market?
  • What is your target location?
  • What is your target age group?
  • How will you promote your work? Online or offline, local advertising?

Did you know? If Valentine's Day falls on a weekend this can effect the flower industry by up to 30%. 

What day does Valentine's Day fall on?

Monday 14th February


What is your USP or niche market?

What sets you apart from your competition?

  • Do you offer a unique service, offer or flower arrangement?
  • Do you practice sustainable floristry?
  • Are you offering seasonal flowers or rose-free options?
  • Do you offer single wrapped roses or giveaway options to offer to local businesses?
  • Do you have a loyalty scheme for regular customers?
  • Do you offer a discounted price for customers that order in advance?

Rose Free Campaigns: Bloom & Wild took a bold move on Valentine's Day, ditching the red rose cliche! They said research suggests that red roses are not actually that well received. 

More than ever before, the prices of roses and red flowers are more expensive due to rising energy prices and lower productions being sent to the flower markets. Despite this, roses have long been associated with Valentine's Day.

With this in mind, it is important to educate your customers of the prices ahead of Valentine's Day.


Preparation to consider:

  • Refer to last year sales to help pre-order flowers. If you do not have this on record, it would be a good idea moving forward.
  • Identify and work out your pricing structure for all bouquets - it is important to offer different price ranges starting from £10-20 for quick cash and wrap for last minute orders
  • Assemble gift boxes or living vases for hand tied bouquets and attach shop stickers
  • Start preparing bows, cut and fold your cellophane / kraft paper and tissue paper decoration papers.
  • Stock up on gift cards, care cards and envelopes
  • Prepare your staff, roster extra hours and book any temp staff if required. If you are a small business or working from home, you could always rope in family or friends to help answer the telephone, take orders or deliver bouquets to customers
  • Create a price plan
  • Check and stock up the first aid kit on plasters and paracetamol
  • Stock up on food and drink in the shop! Valentine's Day can be very busy working long hours, so making sure you have food and drink will keep you properly fuelled.

Advertising to consider:

  • Door to door leaflet drops
  • Local newspaper advertisement
  • Radio adverts or competitions
  • Temporary signage
  • Local advertising boards in shops / post offices / local companies
  • Schedule regular posts on your social media with photographs, flower varieties, colours to show your work, price lists and educate your customers.

Do you or your staff need a refresher course in hand tied bouquet techniques? Unique arrangements to offer your customers?

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