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Revamp your Christmas Wreath


A great way to welcome in the new season is to re-use and re-purpose your Christmas wreath. Instead of just throwing it away, transform the old into a beautiful new wreath to admire all season long. We always say, and trends will agree, wreaths are not just for Christmas!

There are so many different ideas, plant materials and styles that you can employ on your Spring wreaths. Not only is it good practice, but it will allow you to put aside time for yourself and let your creativity flow! You could also consider hosting a wreath workshop for friends, family, at a local club or in your studio. It's a great way to touch base with your customers in the lead up to important peak holidays such as Mother's Day and Easter!

You can refer to past step by step tutorials of wreaths that we have created on the Academy Membership video tutorials here

All of the materials used in the demonstrations have been created using cut flowers and accessories from Triangle Nursery wholesalers. The plants were sourced from local garden centres.


Discover just some ideas of how you could transform your wreath this season:

We'd love to see your wreath transformations! Make sure to share the results in our Exclusive Facebook Community group (if you are a member)!

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