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How to Turn Sales into Reviews

It is important to understand the characteristics between the difference between a review and a testimonial.

What is the difference between reviews and testimonials? 


Reviews can be collected and managed by a third party such as Facebook, Google, Yell and Trustpilot. You would only need to direct the customer in the direction of the site to leave a review.

A review is likely to come from a customer who has had a snapshot experience of the business for example over a peak or where they've experienced the gift of giving.

On average , a customer will read over 10 reviews before feeling able to trust the business.


Testimonials are collected or managed by you and your business. You are likely to receive the testimonial through email or a handwritten note or card in the post. Many customers would send in relation to a more personal occasion such as a wedding or funeral. The testimonials can be used on your website, business cards and social media.

On average, sharing testimonials on your sales pages can increase the conversions by over 34%.

Why do I need customer reviews & how can I obtain them?

  1. It can increase your organic search ranking online
  2. It helps to boost trust of your business for prospective clients and business
  3. Boost your conversions and sales
  4. It can improve your CTR from paid ads

Amongst all the admin roles in your florist business, this is undeniably one of the most important tasks that can be easily forgotten about! There is no denying that asking customers to review your business can be daunting!

You have provided the customer with a product that you are proud of and taken them on an amazing journey from start to finish.


It is a good idea to ask the customers for reviews in different ways. Customers live busy lifestyles and it is easy to forget if they do not do it straight away. There are different ways including email, social media, in person and through offline marketing such as leaflets and cards.

Offline Leaflets & Cards

If you add a personalised care card or leaflet on your bouquet or floristry work, it is an idea to add a QR code or link to direct them to where to write a review. This way it makes the journey nice and easy for the customer.


Send follow up email with direct link or QR code to direct the customer on where to leave a review.

Social media

Add review tab to your Facebook business page, add link to the bio section on your Facebook or Instagram page.

Ask in person

Ask any repeat or regular customers for reviews. This way doesn't always work as they can get distracted or sidetracked before writing it.


Make sure to update and request reviews from customers on a regular basis. As a reminder, you can set a calendar date in the diary to send out a follow up email or social media post.

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