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Struggling with ideas for your Hand-tied Bouquets

Ideally a hand-tied bouquet should consist of Focal Flowers, Line Flowers, Transitional Flowers (filler flowers) and Foliage.

Moreover, it is important to take into consideration Basic principles & Elements of design when constructing your bouquet are:

  • Texture which add visual dimension and interest,
  • Colour which is often the first consideration requested by your customer and
  • Form which is the 3D shape of your design.


Hand-Tied Bouquet

This is an indication of the quantity and flowers varieties you may like to consider as a starting point:

3 stems of Roses or Germini or other focal flowers

3 stems of Spray Chrysanthemums

5 stems of Veronica

3 stems of Lisianthus or 5 stems of Snapdragon 

3 stems of Alstroemeria, Statice, or other filler flowers 

1/2 to 1 bunch of Pistache

5 Folded Aspidistra (1/2 bunch of Aspidistra wholesale), OR 3-5 stems of Hard Ruscus 

All of the plant materials mentioned in the post can be found on the Triangle Nursery wholesalers website here.


We are often asked by our fellow members, 'What they should charge for a bouquet?'.

Mark up on flowers, sundries and a labour charge are very subjective. It can depend on multiple factors such as your demographic, customer base, local competitors, amongst others.

  • Fresh Materials = wholesale cost x 2 - 3
  • Sundry Items = wholesale cost x 2
  • Labour charge = 30%

This example bouquet would approximately retail at £50+.

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