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Tips on Caring for Flowers in the Winter

Just like us, it is imperative to provide flowers with TLC during the year, and even more so during the winter months! Below, we have provided you with some tips and hints to help you make your blooms last longer.

  1. It is important to condition the stems before arranging into your vase regardless of the season. Simply, cut the stem at an angle (preferably 45 degrees), remove any foliage that is below the water line and place into clean buckets of water. 
  2. Tap water can be undoubtedly freezing cold in the winter! Make sure you fill the vase with luke warm water (or allow the water to warm up to room temperature) before placing the stems in and avoiding shocking the stems! You will need to clean the buckets and replace with fresh water every 2 to 3 days (recutting the stems each time) to prevent bacteria growth. 
  3. Fresh flowers are at their happiest when the temperature is consistent. In winter, it can be tempting to place the heating on in the morning, or if you are working from home. However, it is worth noting that flowers are susceptible to draught and fade faster when the temperature is consistently changing. A consistent 18-19°C should do the trick!   
  4. It is important to note that heat is not a flowers best friend. The dry heat can speed up the development of flowers and it will not last as long as desired. Keep away from direct heat sources including radiators, ovens and the top of the fridge. 
  5. Keep away from fruit bowls, especially pears, nectarines and apples. As the fruit ripens, it releases ethylene gas (naturally occurring) and this is responsible for speeding up wilting and epinasty (bending of stems). 
  6. Keep your blooms away from touching the window panes. Cold glass can cause them to perish overnight. Spent flowers are the catalyst to making the blooms around it wilt faster, too.

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