Harvest Garden Varieties

Foraging Flower Care

There is certainly no greater thrill or satisfaction than making your own flower arrangements using flowers that you have grown in your own garden.

The same basic care and handling techniques apply to foraged flowers and greenery from your garden as they do too commercially grown flowers. Plus, a few extras to ensure that you can enjoy them for the maximum time possible!

When cutting from the garden, it is important to harvest either early in the morning or late at night when the sun is down and the heat of the day is off the flowers. It is at this time when the flowers are fully turgid with water and contain the highest reserve of carbohydrates. If you do cut them in the heat of the day, they will never be able to rehydrate as a cut flower.

When harvesting the flowers, use shears to cut the stems and place them directly into a bucket of fresh water to completely cover the stems. Bring the flowers indoors for processing and conditioning as quickly as possible.

Recut the stems with a sharp pair of scissors, secateurs or a florist knife (preference) and place into a holding vase filled with a solution of water and flower food. You should allow plenty of time (couple of hours or overnight) for the flowers to rehydrate prior to arranging.

Be aware to not be disheartened or disappointed if your fragrant garden roses do not last as long as commercially grown varieties. It is important to remember that the flowers sold commercially are selectively bred for their ability to last well as a cut flower. As a general rule, the more fragrance the flower has, the shorter the vase life.

What are your favourite flowers to grow in your garden for flower arrangements? Share in the comments.

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