All-Inclusive Valentine’s Day Course


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Valentine’s Day is observed around the world, and many consider this one of their favourite holidays. The history of Valentine’s Day dates back to 269 AD. Roses, in particular, has become the quintessential symbol of Valentine’s Day. On Valentine’s Day, gifts such as flowers, chocolate, gift cards are sent to celebrate romantic love, friendship and kindness.

This is an all inclusive online, fun and seasonally inspired course to get you into the spirit this year. It offers an in-depth introduction and practical guide into how to create six different traditional and modern Valentine’s flower arrangements for a gift, home interior, office space or an event.

The course will provide you with informative, clear step by step video tutorials, along with accompanying notes on preparation, conditioning the storage.

The tutor will provide you with an insight into the different Elements and Principles of Design for each floral design, alongside invaluable expert tips and hints. The course aims to build your confidence, style, skills and underpin your existing knowledge of this seasonal style of floral design.

In the course, you will learn how to:
– 12 Red Rose Bouquet
– Mixed Flower Bouquet
– Grouped Seasonal Vase Arrangement
– Artificial red rose hat box arrangement
– Linear Vase Arrangement (corporate)
– Small Bud Vase arrangement


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