Architectural Pandanus Gift

Gift Design using Architectural Pandanus Leaves

Time: 20 minutes | Season: All Year Round

Approx wholesale cost: £20- 30 depending on type, season and quantity

In this demonstration, our tutor shares how to create a gift arrangement using caging and architectural leaves. This design incorporates a loose, natural style and eco-friendly mechanics.

In the first short clip, it provides an insight into how the container is prepared.

In the next video, our tutor will demonstrate how to complete the design step by step from start to finish offering handy tips and tricks to facilitate construction.

Top tips: Other types of caging include beargrass, lily grass, stems, birch, pussy willow and so on.

QuantityPlant Materials / Equipment
1 pair Scissors / Secateurs
1 Cube Flower Vase 20cm
1 reelChicken wire
1 bunch Pandanus Leaves
1 roll Twine Green
10 stems Veronica Blue
3-5 stems Lisianthus Blue
5-7 stems Ammi Majus
5-7 stems Carnation Green (Goblin)
1 Stapler and staples

Thank you for watching the demonstration. I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and are inspired to add this design to your portfolio for prospective clients. It is an incredibly versatile design that can be used in multiple settings. For any questions, refer to the comments section below or Facebook group. See you again in the next tutorial on the Academy of Flowers.

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