Autumn Wedding Table Plan

Wedding Table Plan (Autumn Theme)

Time: 11 minutes and 29 seconds

Autumn is upon us and it is important to plan ahead for the coming season. In this video, our tutor will demonstrate how to create a beautiful table plan using an autumnal colour scheme.

In this lesson, you will learn basic Elements and Principles of design such as line, proportion and balance, along with construction, storage and transportation. 

To recreate the design, you will need:

1Le Klip
1 bunch of Eucalyptus Autumn
1 stems of Hydrangea Classic
1 stem of Chrysanthemum Doria Orange
2-3 stems of Rose Atomic (orange/red)
1-2 stems of Berry red
1 pair ofScissors
1 Oasis Fix (optional)

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  1. Aird Shirley on 28/09/2022 at 5:16 am

    This is absolutely beautiful. The design is simple and extremely effective. I was not aware of the mechanics le clip Very handy peice of equipment. Thank you for the video.

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