Complementary Funeral Wreath

Re-purpose Wreath with Complementary Colours

Time: 14 minutes | Season: Winter

Thank you so much for joining and watching this video tutorial. As we begin another year of the Academy, we are looking forward to sharing more amazing content with you and floral designs. 

For this tutorial, the tutor be illustrating to you how to create a circular wreath tribute using a re-purposed and eco-friendly mechanics (chicken wire and twine).

There are a number of different funeral flower arrangements available to offer your clients. Funeral wreaths in particular are one of the most popular, especially for close friends and relatives as the circular shape represents the eternal cycle of life; no beginning or end

It is important when discussing the designs with your customer, to be patient and guide them towards the perfect design based on the deceased individuality and personality. 

In this arrangement, we are using complementary colours, red and green within the composition. This refers to colour harmony derived by choosing two colours from opposite sides of the colour wheel. 

Tips: There are lots of types of greenery that you can use within the design. Foliage that is available all year round is cost effective, long lasting and available from most wholesalers ie. buxus, pittosporum, eucalyptus cinerea

Quantity Plant Materials / Equipment
1 Wreath base
1 reel Chicken wire
1 rollTwine
1-2 bunch Pistache
1 stem (6 blooms)Cymbidium Orchid
10 stems Rose Red
1 bunch Dracena Leaves

Thank you for watching this tutorial. I hope you have enjoyed watching this demonstration, and you have gained the confidence and skillset to create your own beautiful funeral designs using eco-friendly mechanics.

If you have any questions, please pop into the comments below or add into the Facebook group. We will do our very best to help at this busy time. 

Thanks again, see you in the next demonstration! See you again soon, bye for now.

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