Corporate Design with Ananas

Traditional Front Facing Corporate Design

Time: 19 minutes and 26 seconds

Learn how to make a traditional front facing arrangement for a corporate setting. This design would work well in a reception area or to greet guests at an event.

Top tip: As the Alliums mature and if placed in a warmer setting, they can adopt a strong fragrance (of onions). It is important to address this by placing in a setting that has more ventilation or substitute with another plant material. It is vital to discuss flower fragrances with your client and if any of their staff or guests have any sensitivities, it is best to avoid using the plant materials. Alternatives include Hydrangea, Calla Lilies, Roses.

In this lesson, you will learn how to create the front facing flower arrangement using a designer dish and floral foam. The lesson covers Basic Elements and Principles of Design.

In this video, you will need to recreate:

1 bunch of (10 stems)Aspidistra
2 stems of Alstroemeria
3 stems of Asclepias
3 stems of Anthurium
3 stems of Ananas
2 stems of Globe Allium
10 stems of Larkspur or Delphinium
1 Designer Dish
1 brick of Floral Foam
1Long Bladed Knife
1 pair of Scissors and/or Secateurs

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  1. Hilton Val on 21/07/2022 at 6:01 pm

    Beautiful Debbie ,
    Just a idea what about our lovely Academy group being able to purchase the flowers from you according to the design so let’s say I wanted the flowers for this particular design you could put the cost of all these flowers together and we could order them as a bundle from you with perhaps a little discount for the Academy group .

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