Curvilinear Wreath Tribute

Curvilinear Wreath Funeral Tribute

Time: 22 minutes and 59 seconds | Season: All Year Round

Approx Wholesale Cost: £20/30 + labour and delivery charge (depending on size and materials)

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a wreath funeral tribute using a combination of plant materials in a curvilinear shape. The design is feminine in its style and showcases the Rose Memory Lane. The symbolism of a wreath has been used at funerals since at least the time of Ancient Greece, to represent a circle of eternal life.

Should you wish to recreate the design, you will need the following materials:

QuantityPlant Materials / Equipment
1Wreath Frame 10-12″
20 stems Rose (Memory Lane)
1 bunch Pittosporum Silver Nigra
5 stems Gypsophila
1 pair Scissors
1 roll Pearls
1 mini pack Green Stub wire
1/2 bunch Lily grass (or similar)

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