Delicate Corsage for Wedding

Delicate Corsage

Time: 14 minutes and 57 seconds

One of the most requested videos in the Academy of Flowers is Wedding Work. In this demonstration, our tutor will be showing you the techniques involved in creating a delicate corsage using minimal flower content. The design can be created and worn on a dress, on a clutch bag, shoes, necklace, wrist and so on. The design is popular at a wedding, prom and special occasion.

In the lesson, you will learn the wiring techniques involved in creating a corsage, as well as useful tips and tricks to store and transport the arrangement for the event.

1 pair of Scissors (both flower and ribbon)
1 pack of Silver Rose Wires
1 roll of Parafilm or Stemtex
1/3 stem ofGypsophila
1/2 stem of Achillea
2-4 leaves ofEucalyptus
1 roll of Satin ribbon 3-6mm

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  1. Jackie Everitt on 30/09/2022 at 7:30 am

    Thank you I’ve learnt a lot from this video

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