Double Ended Spray in Agra Wool

Coffin Spray using Agra Wool

Time: 27 minutes and 37 seconds

Learn how to create a double ended coffin spray using Basic Elements and Principles of Design in a new design medium known as Agra Wool.

Top Tip: If you have not used Agra Wool before, there are alternatives available such as Fibre Floral from Smithers, moss or floral foam.

This lesson covers how to construct a coffin spray. In this lesson, you will learn how to construct the design from start to finish. The tutor, Debbie will demonstrate how to make the design, along with top tips on construction and fixings.

Find the materials required for this style of arrangement below:

1Spray tray
1 brick of Agra Wool
1 reel of Twine or Anchor Tape (optional)
2 bunches of Soft Ruscus
1 bunch of Asparagus
6 stems of Snapdragon Potomac White
9 stems of Rose Avalonia (or alternative)
3 stems of Germini Coral Cookies n Cream (or alternative)
5 stems of Rose Spray Lenne (or alternative)
2 stems of Lily Oriental Kelmera (or alternative)


  1. Julia McCarthy on 13/04/2022 at 2:54 pm

    a beautiful tribute arrangement Debbie. how long does it take to soak the agra wool and does it keep the flowers as fresh as floral foam? also, what wpold the cost be to make this arrangement? thank you

  2. Hilton Val on 14/04/2022 at 3:00 pm

    Absolutely Beautiful Debbie Thankyou so much 🤗

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