Festive Garland with Salix Base

Seasonal Garland with Fresh Flowers

Time: 20 minutes and 45 seconds

In this demonstration you will learn the basic technique of creating a festive garland with spruce and fresh flowers on a salix base. This style of arrangement is incredibly popular over the Christmas period to decorate homes, restaurants, hotels and other venues.

In this lesson, the tutor illustrates how to construct the garland from start to finish. This technique can be replicated using different types of greenery, flowers, dried and artificial flowers based on your own preferences, shelf life and design.

You can use a different base such as a rope, twine, or even just the spruce branches. The salix salim is very interesting to work with and can be used again once the garland has faded and/or dried. It can be used within your floral designs, wreaths, installations, and so on.

If you would like to recreate this design, you will need the following:

QuantityEquipment/Plant Materials
1 packSalix Salim (or alternative i.e. Rope, Twine)
2-3 branchesSpruce (from 5KG)
10 Rose White
1 pack Water Vials (standard size)
5 stems Waxflower White
10 stems Eryngium Thistle
1 pair Scissors
1 pair Secateurs
1 roll Twine

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