Flower Canopy for Weddings & Events

Time: 8 minutes | Season: All Year Round

In this demonstration, you will gain an insight into how to create a suspended flower canopy using a wide selection of flowers. Our tutor will also provide you with useful tips and tricks to consider and employ if you were to recreate the design for your own clients.

Depending on the size of the arrangement that you are creating, will depend on the quantity of flowers you are looking to use. In this demonstration, we created a 1m square wooden frame and stapled chicken wire around the frame. You could also use copper mesh as an alternative. The stem count was approx 150 stems.

1 pack 1- 2.5kg Green Stub wires
1 pair of Scissors and /or Secateurs
1 roll of Chicken Wire
1 Wooden Frame

It is advisable to use long lasting flower varieties within the composition to help with the longevity of the design. For example, varieties such as carnations, chrysanthemums etc. Along with seasonal flower varieties that are low in cost and good value for money at the time of order. If you are creating flowers for a wedding, it is important to cherry pick all of the flower varieties that are perfect for the bridal/groomsmen designs, table centrepieces and use the leftovers for the suspended designs.

If you also wanted to use less ‘flower’ in the designs, you could attach artificial living wall inserts beneath the chicken wire to hide the mechanics of the frame and insert the flowers into. The frame and the living wall inserts could then be reused and repurposed after the event was over.

If constructing the design on site, it is easier to communicate with the events company to position the frame at eye level or your height. This will ensure the design is made up quicker and straining to reach the frame and cause injury to you or your team. The design can easily be hoisted up by the events team (if discussed) later.

Thank you watching this tutorial. Please ask any questions in the comments below or in the Facebook Community Group.

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