Food-Inspired Flower Arrangement

Time: 27 minutes and 4 seconds Season: All Year Round

Honouring the life of a loved one who had a passion for food can be beautifully expressed through a food-inspired floral arrangement. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant and diverse food festivals around the UK in June, you can create a unique and meaningful tribute that reflects their love for culinary delights.

In this demonstration, our tutor will demonstrate how to construct an apple using floral foam. The design can be created using eco-friendly mechanics if preferred, such as chicken wire. The plant materials used in the design are simple, but effective. This is an aspect of funeral design that requires confidence and practice. The design we are creating today could also be used as a centrepiece for a food, brand or cosmetic inspired event, so this is a valuable and transferable skill to master.

Top tip: You can use different materials such as fabrics, bark, leaves, dried flowers, straps in place of flowers to create the detail, texture and interest within your bespoke designs. It is worth experimenting with different mediums to learn what works best for your design. 

If you would like to recreate the design, you will need the following:

QuantityPlant Materials
1 Sphere Foam 12cm
1Florist Knife
1-2 stems Gypsophila
10 stems Chrysanthemum Green Code
1 Bamboo Tray or Plastic Tray
1 bunch Aspidistra Leaves
2-3 stemsDracena Leaves
1 Pin Holder (and tack tape)
1 pair Scissors or Secateurs
1 stemBetula

By blending the beauty of flowers with the essence of food festivals, you create a unique and personal homage that speaks to the spirit of celebration and the enduring memories of a life well-lived.

Thank you for watching this demonstration. I hope that you have enjoyed the tutorial and gained an insight into the techniques involved in creating bespoke funeral arrangements for your prospective clients. The more practice you have with different designs, the more confident and experimental you will become to create spectacular designs. Thanks again for watching, look forward to seeing you again in the next video. 

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