Vegetable Flower Tribute

Vegetable Sympathy Tribute

Time: 20 minutes and 14 seconds

Using basic elements and principles of design, learn how to create this sympathy tribute using vegetables as the plant medium. This tribute would be suited to an individual that loved gardening, to grow vegetables. The tribute has been created in Agra Wool.

Top tip: This can be made up and stored the day before. If you are using fresh flowers and foliage, make sure to keep the Agra wool soaked and mist. Store in a cool, low lit environment until transportation.

This lesson covers the use of a specific brief using vegetables over the use of flowers for a sympathy tribute. The tutor will apply similar Elements and Principles of Design to create an aesthetically pleasing tribute. You will also learn how to prepare the Agra wool using cling wrap to secure into position and insert the stems using a new, more sustainable medium.

In this video, you will need to recreate:

2 bricks of Agra Wool (or Floral Foam)
1 pair of Scissors and/or Secateurs
1 pack of Plant Canes
1 roll of Cling Wrap (bio)
1 pack of Mossing Pegs 3mm or 4mm
1 pack of Green Stub Wire
1 Double or Triple Spray Tray (re-purposed)
1 tray ofCarpet Moss, Bunn or dried moss
10 stems of Ammi Majus
Selection of Vegetables (to meet brief)

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