Gift Wrapping

Gift Wrapping Plants

Time: 9 minutes | Season: All Year Round

Wholesale approx cost: £5-10 depending on type of wrapping and plant

In this demonstration, our tutor will be demonstrating the basic technique involved in gift wrapping a plant using a fabric and satin ribbon finish.

Plants provide a longer lasting alternative to cut flowers, and are more environmentally friendly. They offer a connection to nature, help relieve stress, naturally remove carbon dioxide and produce oxygen during the day.

The purpose of gift wrapping is to enhance the product, whether it be a plant or cut flowers, protect it from the elements in transportation and offer perceived value.  

If you wish to recreate the design, you will need the following plant materials and equipment: 

QuantityPlant materials / Equipment
1 pairScissors
1Plant of choice
1 roll Satin ribbon of choice (25 – 50mm)
1 roll Fabric wrap of choice
1 Decorative plant pot of choice

Thank you for watching this demonstration on elemental gift wrapping. I hope it has given you an insight in how to add value to plants making them an extra special gift.

We look forward to you joining us again for our next academy video. In the meantime, make sure to share your designs on the community Facebook group or ask any questions in the comments below the tutorials.

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