Hanging Spring Basket

Spring Hanging Basket

Time: 18 minutes and 25 seconds | Season: Year Round

Approx Wholesale cost: £35-50 (including accessories)

Welcome to our tutorial on How to Make a unique and interesting Spring Basket or Wreath! Today, we’re excited to guide you through creating this beautiful, eco-friendly hanging wreath that will add a touch of nature and renewal to a home interior, office space or workshop. It is perfect to welcome in the season, not just as a craft but a celebration! Whether you are an experienced florist, hobbyist or an individual that simply loves flowers, this tutorial is designed to inspire and guide you every step of the way.

Through the video, our tutor will provide insight into the eco-friendly mechanics involved, along with useful top tips and tricks to create this design.

Top Tips: While creating your wreath, it is important to periodically step back from the composition, viewing the design from a distance. This will help you to ensure that there is an even distribution of plant material in the composition creating a harmonious design. Moreover, this design is eco-friendly. Our tutor has used chicken wire as the main medium to anchor the stems into position. This allows you to use softer stems within the composition, such as tulips, and daffodils during the Spring months. You will be able to water the design whilst in situ to ensure the design lasts as long as possible! Once the design has faded, you can repurpose the chicken wire and compost the plant materials.

If you would like to recreate the design, you will need the following:

QuantityPlant Material / Equipment
1 pairScissors
1 pair Wire Cutters
1 pack Green stub wire (mini)
1 Vine root Wreath
1 Clear ramp side dish (or green)
1 reelChicken wire
1 roll Twine or tape
1 bunch Soft Ruscus
1 bunch Yellow Roses
5-10 stemsVeronica Blue
1-2 stems Forsythia
1 bunch Skimmia (or similar alternative)

Thank you for watching this tutorial. I hope you have gained an insight into how to create this unique and seasonal design for your customers and/or your own home. Take the time to enjoy the creativity and tranquility of the process of making a wreath. We’d love to see your completed wreaths and hear about your experience – please don’t hesitate to share with us!

Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments below—we love hearing from you! Until next time, take care, stay awesome, and catch you in the next video. Thanks again for being a part of our fantastic floral community!

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