Grouped Corporate Design

Strelitzia Grouped Flower Arrangement

Time: 22 minutes and 07 seconds | Season: All Year round

Wholesale Approx Cost: £20-25 depending on type and quantity / seasonality

In this demonstration, our tutor will be sharing with you how to create a corporate arrangement in a bamboo tray using popular techniques. The Strelitzia, otherwise known as Bird of Paradise is not only the focal flower that sets this design apart from others, but it is long lasting and thrives in warmer temperatures. The form and structure of the Strelitzia helps bring architecture and drama to this design.

In this tutorial, our tutor will be demonstrating key techniques that are often used within this style of arrangement, in particular in corporate designs. This gives you the opportunity to showcase your creativity in an environment where there may be a huge footfall. Think of this as your shop window. 


This technique is used to create ordered and uniform designs, rathe than those with a random effect. It can be achieved by positioning numbers of flowers or foliage of the same colour, texture or form together in groups.


This is where the leaves of the same variety are grouped together and placed one over the other to achieve repetition and rhythm, often horizontally. Similarly Terracing, is like layering but with more space between the leaves.

For this tutorial, our tutor Debbie will be showing you the mechanics involved, the techniques and step by step instruction of how to create the design from start to finish. This design incorporates a vibrant orange hue that can be applied for Summer or into the Autumn months within corporate establishments. The design can be created using more eco-friendly mechanics if required.

All of the flower varieties used have been conditioned and prepared before the flower arrangement. It is worth noting that tropical flowers like to be kept warm, so never store them in a fridge or flower chiller.  

If you wish to recreate the design, you will need the following plant materials and equipment: 

Quantity Plant Materials / Equipment
1 pair Scissors
1/2 block Floral Foam
1 Bamboo Tray (or plastic tray)
1 roll Anchor Tape
1 bunch Pistache
1 bunch Aspidistra
3 stems Hypericum Green
2 stems Strelitzia
5 stemsCalla Lilies
3 stems Alstroemeria Orange

Thank you for watching. I hope this tutorial has given you the confidence to work with Strelitzia, Birds of Paradise for corporate and other flower arrangements. I hope.

to experiment with novelty designs and expand on your wedding repertoire, allowing you to offer quirky and unconventional creations for your discerning clients.

Make sure to share your interpretative designs in the Facebook Community Group and any questions, please do not hesitate to add to the section below!

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  1. Isabel McIntyre on 10/09/2023 at 7:13 am

    A very elegant arrangement! I love it.

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