Hanging Carrot Wreath

Carrot Door Wreath

Time: 20 minutes + | Season: Easter & Spring

Approx wholesale cost: £20-30 (including sundries and accessories)

Welcome to our latest tutorial, where we’re taking Easter decorations to an exciting new level! Today, we’re showing you how to create an alternative Easter wreath shaped like a carrot, using eco-friendly materials and seasonal flowers in near-complementary colours. This unique design is not only a fantastic conversation starter but also a beautiful nod to the freshness of spring and the joy of Easter. Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or trying something new, this tutorial promises creativity and fun.

Top Tips

  1. Use of Dried or Artificial Flowers: Depending on where you plan to display your carrot wreath, consider using dried or artificial flowers for longevity and ease. These materials allow you to prepare your design well in advance, ensuring it remains vibrant and fuss-free. Store your completed wreath in a dry, warm environment, ideally in a presentation box, until you’re ready to delight your client or decorate your space.
  2. Incorporating Wrapped Confectionery: To add an Easter twist to your design, consider adorning the container or the base of your wreath with wrapped confectionery. This not only makes the wreath more festive but also offers a sweet surprise for guests and family members. Ensure any edible additions are securely attached and wrapped to maintain freshness.

If you would like to recreate the arrangement, you will need:

QuantitiesPlant Materials / Equipment
1Grave Spike
1 roll Ribbon Orange
1 Amaranthus Faux Green Hanging (or alternative)
10 stems Anemone (or similar)
10 stems Ammi Majus
5 stems Panicum Grass
5 stems Molucella
5 stemsRose Spray Orange
1 pair Scissors
1 bunch Fatsia Variegated Small

We hope this tutorial inspires you to embrace the spirit of Easter with a creative and sustainable approach. This alternative Easter wreath is a wonderful way to welcome spring into your home or offer a unique gift to someone special. The blend of eco-friendly crafting and the joy of seasonal decoration truly makes this project a rewarding experience.

We’re excited to see your version of the carrot-shaped Easter wreath and hear about your creative journey. Share your creations and any adaptations you’ve made to personalise your wreath. For any questions, please do not hesitate to drop them in the comments below.

Happy Easter, and happy crafting!

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