Interpretative Pineapple Tribute

Interpretative Design: Pineapple Shape

Time: 22 minutes and 20 seconds | Season: All Year Round

Approx wholesale cost: £30/40 + delivery cost and labour (depending on size and grade selected)

In this demonstration, our tutor will show you in step by step stages, how to create a bespoke pineapple inspired funeral tribute.

As people, we are unique, so a bespoke tribute should represent the individuality of the deceased. This will require time spent with your customer  and patience in guiding them towards the perfect design. Often the tribute will represent a hobby, treasured animal, football team or a favourite pastime. 

Attention to detail is essential in bespoke design. You may be required to replicate a large image onto a small foam base, or mossed frame ensuring that none of the defining details are lost, and the resulting design is still fully recognisable! 

This is an aspect of funeral design that requires confidence and practice. The pineapple design we are creating today could also be used as a centerpiece for a food inspired event, so this is a valuable and transferable skill to master.

Should you wish to recreate this design, you will need the following plant materials and equipment:

QuantityPlant Materials / Equipment
15-20 stems Chrysanthemum Spray Copa (Yellow)
20 stems Chrysanthemum Spray Double White
2 stems Cymbidium Orchid
1 stem Anthurium
1 stem Soft Ruscus
3 stems Dracena Sand. White
1 roll Poly ribbon green
1 12″ Posy Pad (Plastic Base optional)
1 Jumbo Brick (1/3)
1 pair Scissors

Thank you for watching this demonstration. I hope you have gained inspiration and an insight into how you can easily create interpretative designs for your clients.

Please share any past designs that you have created for clients on our Community Facebook Group or ask any questions you have in the comments section below. Look forward to seeing you again in the next Academy of Flowers video.

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