Monochromatic Martini Vase

Contemporary Corporate Martini Vase

Time: 27 minutes and 35 seconds

Learn how to make a statement, contemporary styled arrangement for a corporate setting. This design uses opulent blooms such as hydrangea, cymbidium orchids and spiral bamboo, as well as using a new design medium known as Fibre Floral from Oasis Smithers.

Top Tip: There are different types of mediums that you could use such as Agra Wool, Chicken wire in a receptacle i.e. bulb bowl or floral foam.

This lesson covers how to construct a contemporary design. In this lesson, you will learn how to construct the design from start to finish. The tutor, Debbie will demonstrate how to make the design, along with top tips on construction and fixings.

Find the materials required for this style of arrangement below:

1 Martini Vase
2 bricks of Fibre Floral
1 bunch of Tillandsia Moss
4 stems of Hydrangea Green 50/60cm
1 stems of Cymbidium Orchid Green
10 stems of Spiral Bamboo 50/60cm
10 stems of Pussy Willow 80/90cm
1 bunch of Lily Grass
1 bunch of Steel Grass
1 bunch of Aspidistra

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  1. Beverley Johnston on 17/08/2022 at 6:16 pm

    Loved that one, very inspiring. Thank you.

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