Mossed Heart Wreath

Mossed Heart Tribute with Floral Spray

Time: 21 minutes | Season: All Year Round

In this demonstration, our tutor will be sharing with you how to create a mossed tribute with a floral accent spray using seasonal flowers. 

There are a number of different funeral flower arrangements available to offer your clients. Heart tributes are incredibly popular as the shape is an eternal symbol of love and a funeral tribute in a heart shape is a declaration of the love shared between the customer and the deceased.

Tips: Depending on how you require the wreath to last, you may consider using water vials in the composition to prolong the longevity of the flowers. This is not essential and only optional. 

Bonus Video

If you wish to recreate this design, find the tools and plant materials below:

QuantityEquipment / Plant Materials
1Heart Wire Frame
1 roll Twine
1 pair Gloves
1 bag Moss
1 punnet Carpet / Sheet Moss
Selection of Seasonal Flowers (to suit brief)
1/4 bunch Eucalyptus Cinera

The seasonal flowers used in this tutorial include Muscari, Viburnum,. Ornithogalum, Pussy Willow, Anemones and Lisianthus. This design can be recreated in different colour palettes and flower varieties to suit the brief, time of year and style.

Thank You for watching and tuning in to today’s tutorial! Remember, this journey is more fun when we’re in it together, so feel free to drop your thoughts, comments, or ideas in the section below.

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