Opulent Corporate Vase Arrangement

Opulent Corporate Design with Gladioli

Time: 12 minutes

In this demonstration, our tutor demonstrates how you can create an opulent and statement design using minimal flower content. Debbie uses three materials within the composition including towering Gladioli, fluffy grasses and the ever-popular Eucalyptus.

In this demonstration, our tutor demonstrates how to create the design from start to finish. Within the vase, we have placed Salix Salim which acts as a decorative feature to disguise the flower stems. If you did not wish to use, you could alternatively use a vase that was coloured or use leaves such as aspidistra to line the vase. The Salix also helps to anchor the stems into position.

This design can be created all year round using different types of flowers such as Delphinium, Amaryllis, Lilies, Snapdragon. If used in a corporate setting, you can take inspiration from the brand colours within the arrangement.

If you would like to recreate the flower arrangement, you will need:

1 Hurricane Vase 40 to 50cm
1 pair ofScissors and / or Secateurs
10 stems of Gladioli (colour of choice)
10 stems ofPennisetum Grass (or similar)
1 bunch of Eucalyptus Populus
1 wrap of Salix Salim (or similar)

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