Parallel Spring Arrangement

Spring into Creativity with this Parallel Design

Time: 25 minutes and 30 seconds | Season: Spring (but can recreate with alternative flowers year round)

Embrace the art of floristry with a flourish this spring. In our detailed tutorial, we’ll guide you through creating a Spring themed Arrangement in parallel design that effortlessly combines structure and spontaneity. This sophisticated style, displayed in a sleek trough, is versatile enough for church settings, aisle decor, or as an eye-catching centre piece on a long table. The vertical lines and varying heights not only draw the eye but also celebrate the diverse textures and hues of the season.

Discover techniques for arranging different stems to achieve balance and harmony, and gain confidence in making selections that will turn heads at any event.

Top Tips:

  1. Work with the natural shape of your flowers for an organic feel: Both tulips and snapdragons are phototropic and bend towards the light.
  2. Use eco-friendly mechanics: Instead of using floral foam, you can use alternative mechanics such as chicken wire, moss, or fibre floral / Agra wool to ensure that the design is eco-friendly and sustainable.
  3. Consider colour gradients for visual impact

If you wish to recreate this arrangement, please refer to the shopping list:

Quantities Plant Materials / Equipment
1 Garden Trough (lined)
2 blocksFloral Foam (or alternative eco mechanics)
1 plant Ivy (or alternative – with compostable bag)
10 stems Pussy Willow
10 stems Tulips
10 stems Narcissus
10 stemsChrysanthemum or Carnations
5 stems Viburnum
1 bunch Muscari (blue)
5 stems Snapdragon White

We’re eager to see how you bring these designs to life! Don’t hesitate to share your spring arrangement creations, ask questions, and exchange tips in our Facebook community group. We’re here to support and inspire each other every step of the way.

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  1. Julia McCarthy on 18/04/2024 at 6:25 am

    what a beautiful Spring arrangement Debbie. i have yet to to use snapdragons in an arrangement. As a linear flower i am considering to incorporating it in my next module which is a contemporary parallel design. i am currently doing an online floristry Diploma with Judith Blacklock and have purchased my flowers for my previous modules from triangle Nursery

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