Preserved Moss Wall Art

Wall Art with Preserved Moss

Time: 7 minutes and 44 seconds | Season: All Year Round

Approx. wholesale cost: £5/10 + labour and delivery cost (depending on type and size)

In this demonstration, we provide you with an insight into how to create a fun, quirky art design that incorporates preserved moss. It can be presented as a gift or product in your shop/studio or perhaps in a corporate setting to spell out their name or brand. The overall composition and design will depend on your imagination and creativity.

For this design, you could use other types of moss and decorative features. It is important to note, if you are using decorative moss that has been preserved or dyed to store indoors or if outdoors under cover. As you view from the video, there is colour transference and if exposed to the elements (especially in the UK), there is risk that this could stain your fence, door or other surfaces if hung!

If you are using fresh moss, you could include other fresh features such as echeveria plants, ivy or other plants to the composition to add further interest and colour to the composition. If you do choose to opt for a fresh design, it might be worth to use a facing such as chicken wire or mesh (for hanging) to the front of the frame to secure the products in position unless packed in well.

Should you wish to recreate the design yourself, here are the following products used:

EquipmentPlant Materials / Equipment
1 Tray
1Hot Glue Gun
1Mixed Reindeer Preserved Moss
1 Scissors
1 Cushion Moss Preserved

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