Seasonal Asymmetric Bowl

Seasonal Asymmetric Design for Wedding or Event

Time: 30 minutes | Season: Spring (for flowers, but can be applied to all seasons)

Join us in this engaging tutorial where we explore the art of creating a front-facing asymmetrical design, perfect for any occasion that calls for a touch of elegance and creativity. Emphasising sustainability, we use chicken wire in a decorative bowl as our foundation, showcasing how eco-friendly mechanics can be both beautiful and functional. This design is versatile and can be adapted to various materials, catering to all skill levels.

The choice of bowl sets the tone for the entire piece, so we encourage you to choose one that complements your overall vision. Throughout the tutorial, the tutor shares insights on how to manipulate the chicken wire to support the flowers and foliage, allowing for creative freedom and stability within the design.

Top Tips

  1. Alternative Mechanics: For those who are more confident or familiar with other mechanics, feel free to use foam or agra wool as your design medium. Adapt the techniques shown in this tutorial to work with these materials. Although chicken wire is a fantastic eco-friendly option, we understand the importance of practicing to build confidence and skills with new mechanics.
  2. Maintaining Shape: Keep an eye on the overall shape of your design, aiming to maintain a slight concave around the center. This subtle shaping technique adds depth and interest to your arrangement.
  3. Caging Techniques: To further accentuate the asymmetrical shape, consider creating caging with various materials such as types of grasses, aluminium wire, or cornus. These elements not only reinforce the design’s structure but also add unique visual appeal.

If you wish to recreate the flower arrangement, you will need:

Quantities Plant Materials / Equipment
1 pair Scissors
1 Decorative Bowl
1 rollChicken wire
1 bunch Olive Branches
10 stems Tulips (French Optional)
10 stems Anemone
10 stems Syringa Lilacs white
5 stems Molucella
5 stems Lisianthus Falda Apricot
5 stems Spray Rose Large

We hope this tutorial inspires you to embrace eco-friendly floral design techniques and explore the beauty of asymmetrical arrangements. Whether you’re a seasoned florist or a DIY enthusiast, this design offers a wonderful opportunity to express creativity while being mindful of our environment.

As you practice and experiment with these techniques, remember that the journey to mastering a new skill is as rewarding as the stunning creations you’ll bring to life. We’re excited to see your interpretations of this design, so please share your work and experiences with us. If you have any questions, or comments, please do not hesitate to drop in the comments section below.

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