Seasonal Coffee Table Arrangement

Seasonal Grouped Flower Arrangement

Time: 14 minutes and 15 seconds

In this demonstration, Debbie illustrates how to create a simple gift arrangement for a coffee table or reception in a seasonal palette and grouping technique. The flower arrangement uses minimal flower content, along with eco friendly mechanics.

This arrangement can be made up in faux or artificial flowers to promote the longevity of the design. The use of chicken wire is a sustainable and eco-friendly mechanics that can help to prolong the shelf life of the flowers. Once the arrangement has faded, the chicken wire can be reused and the container kept as a keep sake or returned for another arrangement.

If you would like to recreate the flower arrangement, you will need:

1Rose Bowl or Vessel
1Chicken Wire Section
3-5 stems Hydrangea Classic
10-12 stems Rose Red
5-6 stems Papaver Heads (or alternative i.e. carnations or dried product)
1 bunch Asparagus
1 pair of Scissors or Secateurs

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