Seasonal Pumpkin Arrangement

Pumpkin Arrangement

Time: 19 minutes

In this demonstration, you will learn how to create a statement floral design using a pumpkin as a vessel. It is ideal if you are looking to create a display this Halloween or Autumn in a window, coffee table, positioned on the bar or entrance hall in corporate setting.

*Please note, the video has been added to the website from our Past Archives and it is not live.

If you would like to recreate the design, you will need:

Quantity Equipment
1 pair ofScissors
1 Liner or Cellophane
2Bricks of Floral Foam
1 roll of Anchor Tape
9 stems of Rose Orange
5 stems of Rose Spray
5 stems of Crocosmia Berry
1 bunch of Conifer
5-7 stems of Achillea
5-7 stems ofRose hips or berries
3-5 stems of Chrysant san. orange


  1. Natasha Selly on 11/10/2022 at 12:38 pm

    Beautiful piece can’t wait to have a try x

    • Debbie on 20/10/2022 at 3:56 pm

      Thank you for your comment, Natasha. Enjoy creating this seasonal arrangement, and don’t forget to post pictures of your design 😊

  2. Lisa Allen on 16/10/2022 at 4:43 am

    How long would this arrangement last for.

  3. Debbie on 20/10/2022 at 4:03 pm

    Hi Lisa. Thank you for your comment. This design would have a limited shelf life because the wet foam is in direct contact with the pumpkin flesh, which will become waterlogged. You could extend the longevity by using a liner, such as a plastic bulb bowl or repurposed container inside the pumpkin before inserting the foam. Hope this helps 😊

  4. Julia McCarthy on 24/10/2022 at 5:15 am

    hi Debbie and Laura:) sorry I missed the live. do you put a notification out? what a beautiful pumpkin arrangement! the autumnal colours are absolutely stunning! I love it and thank you for sharing your amazing floristry talents with us :)) will be attempting a pumpkin arrangement this weekend and look forward to it. will share over on the fb your social media pages when I do. wish you both a good and productive week πŸ™‚ Julia

    p.s. cant wait to see what yous have planned for bonfire night

    • Laura Kenny on 25/10/2022 at 9:12 am

      Hello Julia,

      Thank you for your comment. As per the email, this is a past video and was not live on this occasion.

      Look forward to seeing your Pumpkin arrangement on the Facebook group soon.

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