Seasonal Weaved Vase

Corporate Arrangement with Weaving Technique

Time: 20 minutes | Season: Spring / Winter

In this tutorial, our tutor will show you how you can create a statement flower arrangement that is suited to a corporate setting, in an office, hotel lobby or restaurant.

The design is very versatile and can also be used in alternative environments such as at weddings or events as table centrepieces. You will however just need to be aware of the height of the composition to ensure guests that it does not block conversation! 

Tips: This is just one option for decorating the vase. The possibilities are endless and it is down to your own creativity! Additional options include:

Bonus Video

  • Keep the vase clear and arrange into the vase as is
  • Use the mesh and weave other materials into it such as birch stems, bark etc
  • Use two containers, one inside the other and push moss or dried fruits in between the gaps to create a decorative feature and hide the stems of the arrangement.

If you would like to recreate the design, you will need the following:

QuantityEquipment / Plant Materials
1 roll Copper Mesh Wire
1Cylinder Vase
1 bunch Pandanus Leaves
1 pair Scissors or Secateurs or Florist knife
2-3 stems Cory’s Contorta
1 bunch Forysthia (Yellow)
1 bunch Tulips (French)
1 bunchAmmi Majus
10-20 stems Panicum Grass
5 stems Molucella

And there you have it, the conclusion of today’s video tutorial! I hope you enjoyed the demonstration for this floristry discipline. It’s a fantastic design that is incredibly versatile for all seasons, flower types and colour palettes.

Thank you again for watching this demonstration. Any questions, do not hesitate to put in the comments below or in the Facebook Community Group, we will endeavour to respond to any enquiries as quickly as possible! Look forward to seeing you in the next tutorial on the Academy of Flowers in 2024…

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